WizSuite is comprised of a four stage, multi-lingual, patent pending platform, each critical to providing technology for error free manufacturing. WizSuite automatically generates a complete and verifiable digital database for creating “engineering knowledge” formulating highly optimized workstations. WizSuite also compares and verifies in real time the efficiency of the manufacturing process.


Incorporates PROMAI's patent pending WizGen tool which significantly reduces error, time and expense while enhancing complete, validated, precise, updatable, visual, action-oriented engineering knowledge.
Differentiation Features
  • Easy-to-use AI-based user interface
  • Proprietary visual procedural language
  • Intuitive, self-guided instruction generator
  • Visual, action-oriented, reusable procedures
  • Configurable, user-friendly project builder


Aggregates WizGen's data to identify each specified component, tool, tutorial, instruction, certification required for each workstation. WizPlan further utilizes WizGen data to automatically define and outline each workstation function and structure the manufacturing floor plan for optimum efficiency. The WizPlan tool can be refined and tailored to each worker’s ability, skillset and complexity of task.
Differentiation Features
  • Complete workstation design
  • Comprehensive workflow outline
  • Flexible Planning Options
  • Optimization parameters
  • Integration with WizFiled
  • Flexible planning options


Provides from inception a real-time, optimized, flawless manufacturing process. Ultimately, the competition will identify conflicting manufacturing procedural issues as a result of a retrospective analysis of collected data. However considerable time, funds, and resources have been squandered on defective processes and malfunctioning products.
Differentiation Features
  • Patent pending, manufacturing execution tool
  • Easy-to-follow, visual intelligent interface
  • Verified access control & 3D training system
  • Verified access control & 3D training system
  • Advance production line scheduler
  • Real-time micro step visual viewer & verifier


Utilizes proactive AI for real-time, rapid and precise maintenance, diagnostics and verification by the field engineers.
Differentiation Features
  • Voice activated, user-friendly interface
  • Visual, atomic procedures
  • Multilingual tool, 80 languages
  • Smart search and self-guided approach


Optimizes in real-time manufacturing instructions, manufacturing efficiencies and precision processes WizOpt enhances and refines an organization’s processes reducing time and cost while significantly improving initial yields.  The optimizer automatically creates a global corporate standard for manufacturing production.
Differentiation Features
  • Automated real-time procedure & process optimizer
  • Intuitive, self-guided instruction generator
  • Multi-level optimizer of manpower, cost, time, efficiency
  • Analytical AI driven optimizer that maximizes error-free manufacturing

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