WizSuite is comprised of a four-stage platform, each critical to providing technology for error free manufacturing. WizSuite automatically generates a complete and verifiable digital database for creating “engineering knowledge” formulating highly structured workstations. WizSuite also compares and verifies in real time the efficiency of the manufacturing process.


PROMAI is at the forefront of revolutionizing aviation production, employing advanced Production optimization to enhance precision and speed. Our WizGen solution ensures real-time updates to aviation manufacturing data, effortlessly integrating components and evolving assembly lines.

Industrial Robotics

PROMAI's WizGen revolutionizes the industrial robotics industry by automating design evaluation, generating validated processes, and offering real-time updates to manufacturing data. Moreover, WizGen streamlines documentation creation and keeps manufacturers updated with the latest technological advancements, ensuring competitiveness in the evolving robotic industry.

Medical Devices

Medical robotics has transformed healthcare with its precision and efficiency. The manufacturing process involves design, prototyping, fabrication, assembly, testing, and stringent quality control. Manual or automated assembly integrates components, and quality control measures ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Integrating WizSuite expedites FDA approval, significantly reducing time to market for medical robots.

Large Format/3D Printing

Manufacturing large-format printers can present a range of challenges and potential problems at various stages of the process, from design and component sourcing to assembly and quality control. PROMAI's WizSuite addresses these challenges by highlighting potential problems through different design and engineering stages before continuing to production.