The WizGen tool significantly reduces error, time and expense while enhancing complete, validated, precise, updatable, visual, action-oriented engineering knowledge.

PROMAI’s WizSuite platform is comprised of 4 stages, each critical to providing technology for error free manufacturing. 

The aggregated data collected by WizGen, the platform’s initial stage, automates the manufacturing process by generating precise data for checklists, product assembly, testing, fault isolation, rework, disassembly, maintenance, training and manuals, collectively referred to as “engineering knowledge”.


Easily streamline manufacturing workflow with WizGen’s cutting-edge capabilities. 

Seamlessly generate digital catalogs, enabling swift and accurate access to essential information. 

Facilitate precision in project management with WizGen automatic comparison feature, ensuring seamless synchronization between Bill of Materials (BOM) and design models.

Data Import Export

Effortlessly integrate design CAD models through WizGen' import functionality, ensuring a smooth transition of intricate designs into your system.

Maximize connectivity by importing data from your corporate backbone, enhancing collaboration and centralizing information for comprehensive decision-making. 

Facilitate globalization with WizGen's export capabilities, facilitating the export of manufacturing processes in multiple languages. 

WizGen empowers a corporation with a unified platform for data import and export, providing a robust foundation for efficient and globalized operations.

AI Generation

WizGen offers a self-guided, semi-automatic approach to various critical processes. intuitive visual procedural guidance for assembly, disassembly, rework, test, fault isolation, maintenance, packing, calibration, manufacturing processes, and manuals. Ensure efficiency with WizGen's semi-automatic insertion of tooling materials, jigs, and engineering knowledge to ensure seamless integration of essential resources.

WizGen, automatically producing dynamic PDFs or Word documents incorporates a digital companion with a built-in logger and AI analyzer, providing valuable analysis into your processes.


WizGen provides a comprehensive and self-guided approach to navigating through procedures by incorporating the ability to include remarks, highlights, action, safety and general guidelines, ensuring a comprehensive and self-guided approach to creating and navigating through procedures. 

PROMAI offers advanced search and replace option allowing users to effortlessly locate and modify information with precision, while navigating complex procedures with ease using WizGen's complete and validated visual cues for clarity and precision.

WizGen transforms the self-guided experience into a dynamic and user-friendly process where every detail is immediately accessible. 

Resulting in a new level of efficiency with WizGen's self-guided features, making complex tasks exceedingly manageable.

Versions & Notifications

Experience real-time updates with WizGen, ensuring company data is always current and reflective of the latest changes while Maximizing efficiency through the reuse of data, reducing redundancy and optimizing workflow.

Experience innovation at its peak with WizGen's version control and approval module, providing a streamlined process for managing and validating changes. 

Stay informed with event-driven notifications categorized by severity, ensuring that you are alerted promptly to critical updates.

WizGen's simplified dashboards offer a comprehensive view of the corporate information landscape. 

WizGen transforms data management into a forward-thinking, efficient, and informed experience, setting the stage for a new era of collaboration and productivity.


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