Revolutionizing Maintenance and Fault Isolation

WizField is designed to meet the diverse and complex needs of field engineers and technical staff whose company has implemented the WizSuite platform for optimization of their manufacturing process. WizField utilizes the aggregated data generated from WizGen and WizPlan to provide optimal service for fault isolation and maintenance for each production stage.

Data-Driven Precision

WizField accesses data aggregated in WizGen and WizPlan to provide precise solutions for fault isolation and maintenance in an organization’s production systems. WizField ensures that field engineers have the necessary instruction and complete tools needed for efficient manufacturing problem-solving.

Intuitive Interface

The genius of WizField lies in its easy-to-use interface. Displaying data in a clear and visually intuitive manner, WizField empowers technical, service and maintenance engineers to navigate through information seamlessly. The interface is designed for accessibility and ease of use, ensuring that field engineers focus on the immediate and specific task.

Atomic Instructions & Procedures

WizField equips field engineers instantly with atomic procedures and instructions. This granular approach ensures that maintenance tasks and problem-solving solutions are outlined in manageable, procedural steps, enhancing precision and efficiency.

Multilingual Model

Frequently, language is a barrier to task efficiency and effective communication. WizField has integrated innovative multilingual software to present relevant, personalized information in the user's native language. This ensures that users across the globe can access and utilize the the WizField without language constraints.

Smart Search and Self-Guided Questionnaire

Navigate through complex systems with ease using WizField's intuitive smart search and self-guided questionnaire. The graphic and easy-to-use visual interface enables field engineers to quickly and precisely locate the root cause of manufacturing errors. WizField streamlines the fault isolation process, reducing downtime and improving overall system reliability.

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