Patent pending agent instantly provides a real-time, flawless manufacturing process.

The aggregated data collected by Wizgen, the platform’s initial stage, identifies each specified component, tool, tutorial, instruction, certification required for each workstation. 

Moreover, WizPlan, utilizing further collected WizGen data then automatically defines and outlines each workstation function and structures the manufacturing floor plan for optimum efficiency. 

The WizPlan tool can be further refined and tailored to each specific workers’ ability, skillset and complexity of task.

Wizshield provides a company with technology to efficiently integrate into the manufacturing process verified access control, 3D training, advanced production line configurator, intuitive interface, real-time visual verification along with a patent-pending analyzer to greatly redefine production

Line Manager

Promai has developed a production process with WizShield's Line Manager tool that is designed for simplicity and efficiency. WizShield introduces an easy-to-use user dashboard, color-coded for intuitive navigation through the production line. Runners are provided with guided visual workflow that enhances productivity ensuring that every step of the production line is seamlessly executed.
WizShield's Line Manager includes an event-driven production scheduler, providing dynamic scheduling that adapts to real-time changes. Managers are equipped with updates notifier and Uploader, which informs the company with the latest enhancements allowing for swift data uploads. These tools enhance coordination with the project manager, ensuring relevant stakeholders are promptly notified of project updates. WizShield's Line Manager transforms production line management into a streamlined, user-friendly, highly responsive experience.

Line Manager

WizShield's Runner feature, a powerful toolset that mandates user certification and logical, step by step training. The Runner feature includes a user certification verifier, ensuring that the runner is qualified and certified for their assigned tasks. Observe the convenience of auto-training for certification, streamlining the onboarding process and keeping the company’s workforce up-to-date with the latest skills.
Atomic production step viewer and verifier offer the user a detailed and granular view of each production step. Facilitate instruction and procedure training through the Runner feature, enabling users with the knowledge they need for optimal performance. Enhance accuracy with the BOM barcode reader verifier, ensuring precise validation of components.
WizShield’s real-time user productivity bar provides managers instant insights into user performance. WizShield's Runner feature transforms production management into a dynamic, efficient, and user-centric experience, setting new standards for operational excellence.

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